Project Management

Headed by the President of the business, Mr. Jack Rose, leads a team of Project Managers, who deal with every aspect of the projects that they have currently running.

Mr. John Cook and Mr. Kurt Boulanger, including Mr. Jack Rose deal with client liason, workshop management and on-site instruction. These specific job roles within the company are extremely important as far as coming in under budget and meeting the client's requirements are concerned.

AutoCAD Design

As well as being Project Managers, Mr. Jack Rose, Mr. John Cook and Mr. Kurt Boulanger also design ALL of the specifications for every project!

The plans that they design have to be literally 'perfect' as it could cost time and a lot money if they aren't! A huge amount of time, effort and concentration has to go into these plans, which these three Project Managers / Designers give in abundance 100% of the time!

Workshop Fabrication

The workshop here at DaMaCo Windows has some extremely experienced and talented fabricators, who seem to do their jobs with such ease!

The Head Fabricator, Mr. Gary Stone, has over 13 years of proven experience working with DaMaCo Windows. Seconded by his own son, Mr. Nick Stone is also an extremely talented fabricator, who seems to know 'how and where', all of the time!

Having approximately 7 years of experience working with DaMaCo windows, he adds to the whole operation with nothing but professionalism and is always willing.

DaMaCo Windows works with some of the most prestigious suppliers within Central NY, who tempur our glass and manufacture our aluminum.


The DaMaCo Installation team consists of 30+ engineers and caulkers. Their proven track record of excellent work can be seen all over New York State. Their work is extremely professional, clean, safe and considerate.

As well as Project Engineers and Caulkers, there is one man who helps out a lot of them, and if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't be working as much as they do! That Man is Mr. Ed Rowley. He transports working materials like frames, doors, glass and other things, all over the state of New York to the job sites for the Engineers to install. On average, he covers around 250 miles a day!

The quality of the work that is done by the installation team is simply second to none. The amount of passion and dedication that they have towards their work is quite amazing. They all do such a good job, and must be applauded!